The Infestation was spread after Blake and Jessie broke into the abandoned Genome Laboratory in the Sub Levels.

Blake describes them as being "like birds, but they had claws, sharp teeth."

In Episode 2 Customer Unverified, a Tier City resident is attacked and killed by one of the creatures.

In Episode 3 Delivery Incoming, a technician is murdered while investigating the failure of the Tier City cooling engines. Rachel's Delivery Drones are taken out of the air by these mysterious creatures.

In Episode 4 In The Flesh, The Preacher takes a call from a distressed caller who says that she is being attacked by her husband who has awoken from a coma and that he is covered in "rotten skin." She also describes creatures that were on his body.

In the same episode, Rachel runs from her Pod to the lift, where she narrowly avoids a creature that she later describes as "an insect."

In Episode 7 Sentients, Professor Keller explains that Rachel's mother, Jenny Hunter, had the honour of creating the "flying creatures."

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