"Insignia Life Enterprises UFDA Report. ILE have been the premium rare foods experts since 2040. USDA and UFDA approved to use genetic modification in the nurturing and development of organic edibles, Insignia Life specialise in the cross-breeding and selective in-breeding of genetically farmed domestic animals. The clone salmon hybrid known as, Pink Rainbow, has been Insignia Life's fastest-growing product, now exported to over five million outlets across the four Tiers. In 2045, Insignia Life Enterprises won the contract to supply genetically modified foods to the Bio Dome ecosystem. End of Wiki."

Professor Keller is an exponent of genetic engineering and admits to creating The Aqua.

In Episode 4 In The Flesh, Rachel is trapped in an out-of-service lift where she unpacks an Outbreak and Contagion Report. She hears Keller explain that there have been vast improvements since the viral boost, and that the super-fast enzyme is optimising growth rate. This may be a recording of the creation of The Aqua.

She then hears a report where Keller and her father are arguing. Keller is shouting that he is saving his life's work. Max shouts a warning before the audio cuts off.

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