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Earth’s shattered future. Humanity’s natural resources have been exhausted. A young drone delivery pilot receives a mysterious data package from her estranged father and is catapulted on a journey of cosmic self-discovery.


15 episodes are available to binge on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and wherever you get your podcasts.

1. Thirty Years of Mistakes[]

by Coex Studios | Season 1.

A sealed-off lab unleashes a terrifying secret. An aerial pursuit sends Max deep into the Red Zone.

2. Customer Unverified[]

by Coex Studios | Season 1.

The Preacher reassures his flock. Rachel’s drones fail to deliver. A Tier City resident gets more than she ordered.

3. Delivery Incoming[]

by Coex Studios | Season 1.

Rachel unpacks history. Blake reports in. The infestation spreads. There’s an unidentified object in air space.

4. In The Flesh[]

by Coex Studios | Season 1.

Rachel gets taken out of service. The Preacher takes a distressed caller. The studio receives a visitor from the Universal Council.

5. The Signal[]

by Coex Studios | Season 1.

A remote communications complex receives a researcher who becomes fascinated by his mysterious and otherworldly discovery.

6. The Sub Levels[]

by Coex Studios | Season 1.

Rachel crashes into the Sub Levels. The Preacher is confronted by Universal Councillor, Floyd Hendry. Max rides out a violent Red Zone electrical storm.

7. Sentients[]

by Coex Studios | Season 1.

As Tier City falls under attack, Lithium takes Rachel to meet an important stranger. The Preacher makes a terrifying announcement. Max struggles towards the remote communications complex.

8. The North Hatch[]

by Coex Studios | Season 1.

Mid-season finale. Rachel unlocks her future. Cooke deciphers a blueprint. Max makes a chilling discovery.