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Coexistence is a sci-fi mystery thriller series rating as a #1 science fiction podcast on Apple Podcasts UK in January 2020, and nominated for Best Fiction in the British Podcast Awards 2020.

The production stars an international cast, featuring voice talent from the UK, Russia and the USA. Coexistence is an immersive audio drama best experienced on headphones. Listener discretion is advised.

SPOILER WARNING. This wiki delves deeper into the world and mysteries of the Coexistence dramatic universe and contains details up to, and including, Episode 08.


Earth’s shattered future.

Humanity’s natural resources have been exhausted.

When our planet is devastated by an atomic cataclysm, a new life emerges for a cross-section of humanity within the walls of a towering megastructure known as Tier City.

A self-appointed governing body of world-leaders, called The Universal Council, control this New Earth. Tier City residents are force-fed Network propaganda by an influencer known only as The Preacher.

Rachel is a young drone delivery pilot with ambitions to escape the confinement of her accommodation pod by becoming an interstellar pilot.

As civilisation collapses, a select number of humans are being evacuated from Earth in off-world vessels called Bio Domes. Meanwhile, a rebel faction is plotting to attack the domes in a last ditch act of defiance.

Can Rachel guide the last remnants of society in their struggle for survival, or will the clash of coexistence between Mecha, rebel faction, and extraterrestrial result in our total extinction?

Coexistence will return in 2021.


All 15 episodes are currently available to binge on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher Acast, and wherever you get your podcasts.


GROUPS & FACTIONS = Tier City ResidentsRare Earth ActivistsMechasChems

NEW EARTH SOCIETY = Old EarthNew EarthPodsNakamoto CreditsThe Network FeedWiki UnitsThe Lucky Two ThousandThe Black MarketGenetic Engineering

CORPORATIONS & CONTROL = Insignia Life EnterprisesThe Universal CouncilMilitary Enforcers

RELIGION & FAITH = The PreacherAlternative FaithsThe Singularity

KNOWN LOCATIONS = Tier CityThe Sub LevelsThe Red ZoneThe Bio DomesAbandoned Genome LaboratoryOff-World LaboratoryInsignia Complex A

TRANSPORTATION & TECHNOLOGY = SpeedersThe JurassicAttack DronesDelivery DronesLaser Cut Weapons

MYSTERIES = The SignalThe Data DriveFlying Creatures "The Infestation"Giant Monster "The Aqua"The Bio MassPatient ZeroThe Caldera ReportTimelines

CHARACTERS = Rachel HunterMax HunterJenny HunterBlakeJessieThe PreacherWikiLithiumMorganRare Earth MedicChemProfessor KellerMollyDistressed CallerFloyd HendryDr CookeCommander BryceAgent Brannon

EPISODES = Episode 1 Thirty Years Of MistakesEpisode 2 Customer UnverifiedEpisode 3 Delivery IncomingEpisode 4 In The FleshEpisode 5 The SignalEpisode 6 The Sub LevelsEpisode 7 SentientsEpisode 8 The North HatchEpisode 9 Patient ZeroEpisode 10 Rare Earth ResistanceEpisode 11 Alien IntelligenceEpisode 12 God Forgive UsEpisode 13 Hidden EvidenceEpisode 14 Shock TreatmentEpisode 15 Pandora's Box


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Coexistence was written and directed by Colin Carvalho Burgess and is created and produced by Dominic Nangle and Colin Carvalho Burgess. The series is a production by Coex Studios, London.